HONNI Responds to demand for Mobile access

December 8, 2015

It will be news to no-one that usage of mobile devices for internet access has increased dramatically in recent times, yet many websites were built using static dimensions and positioning not easily viewed on anything other than a standard PC monitor.

The web design industry responded by developing something called ‘responsive design’ which helps to ensure that sites are usable from whatever devices users select for viewing. In a short space of time ‘responsive design’ has become part of good design practice.

The recently redesigned HONNI website is built on responsive principles, and you should now find that it quickly adapts to whatever device you use for access. Of course some older browsers don’t recognise responsive techniques so, if you are using a PC with Internet Explorer version 8 (IE8) for example, then its responsive features will not be apparent, although it will still be perfectly usable. For the most part, tablet PCs and smart phones will not suffer from this limitation and the site will adapt easily for viewing on these devices.

Most HSC Trusts still use IE8 out of necessity because clinical applications require it. So, if you are using a PC running IE8, be aware that HONNI will not exhibit responsiveness. Furthermore, you may have problems accessing certain resources as many providers have ceased supporting IE8. Trust IT departments are well aware of these issues which will be addressed whenever possible. Meanwhile, most Trusts will install alternative browsers on request if required and we have asked that HONNI Hubs be upgraded to IE11 where possible.

On PCs with more up-to-date browsers and on mobile devices generally, the new HONNI website will be fully responsive. We hope this development will be beneficial for busy professionals constantly on the move.

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