Service Connection Issues

We are currently experiencing connection issues between Queen’s University Belfast and HSCNI.

You can contact the Healthcare Library by phone. If you are using a non-Trust PC, you can still contact us using our LiveChat service, as well as accessing the Healthcare Library website.

These are the services that are currently unavailable if you are on a Trust PC or using your trust email.   

  • Contacting any QUB or Healthcare Library email using an HSC email address
  • Using the Healthcare Library LiveChat facility using an HSC email address, or using an HSC Trust PC
  • Renewing your Healthcare Library membership
  • Registering for Healthcare Library membership if you are unable to supply an alternative personal email
  •  Requesting assistance with password or logon problems
  • Placing requests through the Healthcare Library website if you are using an HSC Trust PC
  • Supply of articles through our document delivery and Inter-Library Loan service
  • Informing you that books are ready to collect
  • Training with our specialist librarians via Microsoft Teams

We will continue to update this information as more systems come back online.