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As a member of the Healthcare Library of Northern Ireland, you can request a literature search from your Specialist Librarian by completing and submitting an on-line form, available by going to > Training and Support > Request a Literature Search: Submit your search topic.

Alternatively, go directly to: 

Since this form collects personal data, such as your email address, we have made it GDPR-compliant to ensure that your data is protected. This means that, before you complete the form, you need to tell us you are happy for us to process your personal data, which we will retain for 30 days. Do this simply by ticking the I agree… box at the bottom of the new first page of the form, then clicking Next.

If you’re not happy for us to process your personal data, please click I don’t want to participate, then OK on the screen that follows to exit the request form. You can still submit a literature search request to your Specialist Librarian or local Healthcare Librarian by emailing them directly:

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