Update on BNF App

Last update 6th May 2014

Following lengthy negotiations with EduServ and NICE we are happy to report that agreement has now been reached which will allow the Medical & HSC Library to provide the BNF and BNFC apps to HSC members.

The app facilitates accses to BNF data on mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets.  Implementation has begun and we anticipate that it will be completed by the summer of 2014.  BNF remains accessible via the honni website but the app will further enable users to access BNF medicines information anywhere, anytime.

When implementation is complete we will update this notice to include details of how to obtain the app.

2 Responses

  1. Brian Foster says:

    I have just returned from England and NICE provide this app free to employees of NHS trusts in England with an Athens account (easy to register, you only to be employed by the NHS). I don’t understand why the same agreement cannot operate for HSC staff in Northern Ireland?

    • medinfo says:

      We actually do have an agreement for HSC staff in Northern Ireland but NICE seems to be having difficulty setting up authentication procedures for it. Unfortunately this is beyond our control and we can only wait and hope that they find a solution. Further information will be posted here as soon as it is available.

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