June, 2021Enabling high-performance large-scale irregular computationsMaciej Besta
June, 2021Adaptiveness and Lock-free Synchronization in Parallel Stochastic Gradient DescentKarl Bäckström
May, 2021Efficient Parallel Graph Processing on GPU using Approximate ComputingSomesh Singh
April, 2021Parallel Graph Learning and Computational Biology Through Sparse Matrices Aydın Buluç
Feb., 2021Metaprogramming in Jupyter NotebooksJeremy Singer
Feb., 2021Addressing Practical HPC Problems: Fault Tolerance, Performance Portability, Parallelism CompilationGiorgis Georgakoudis
Jan., 2021Parallel Algorithms for Density-Based and Structural ClusteringJulian Shun
Dec., 2020High-performance graph processing overviewHans Vandierendonck
May, 2018Graph processing at the CSIT SummitHans Vandierendonck
July, 2018Graph processing lecture at MaRIONet Summer SchoolHans Vandierendonck
July, 2017GraphGrind: Taming Irregular Memory Accesses in Graph Analytics WorkloadsHans Vandierendonck

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