Hans Vandierendonck is Professor of high-performance and data-intensive computing at Queen’s University Belfast. His research interests are in compilers, runtime systems and architectures for parallel systems with special attention to the programmability of such systems. Hans also has a vested interested in computer architecture, and particularly in cache architecture, prediction and performance evaluation. More information can be found on his homepage .

Peter Kilpatrick is Reader in the High Performance and Distributed Computing research cluster in the School of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Queen’s University Belfast. He has a long-held interest in the pragmatic use of formal specification notations to model and reason about systems, most recently parallel/distributed systems built using parallel patterns (algorithmic skeletons). More information can be found on .


Jiawen Sun [2014 – 2018]

Mohsen Koohi Esfahani [2019 – 2022]