The presenters have kindly permitted us to make their presentation slides available online. Please click on the links below to access these:


Guest Presentations – Working on Fuel Poverty in Northern Ireland

Pat Austin – National Energy Action NI (PDF)

Oliver McHugh – Department for Social Development (PDF)


Session 1 a – Households, Health and Energy Efficiency

Felicity Davies – East London Retrofit Study (PDF)

Ryan Walker – Estimating household fuel poverty (PDF)

Chris Maidment – Impact of household energy efficiency measures on health (PDF)


Session 1 b – Fuel Poverty and Governance

Ruth Bush – Local Authorities & District Heating (PDF)

Ben Christman – Energy Poverty in EU Energy-Climate Law (PDF)

Ron Mould – Actual Fuel Spend of Low Income Rural and Urban Households (PDF)


Session 2 a – EU Perspectives on Fuel Poverty

Sergio Tirado Herrero – Energy Vulnerability in the EU – a multi-scalar approach (YOUTUBE VIDEO)

Pau Lillo Rodrigo – Fuel Poverty in Spain & Citizenship Mobilisation (PDF)

Anne Baudaux – Energy Poverty in Brussels (PDF)


Session 2 b – Conceptualizing Fuel Poverty

Martin Kunze – Corporate Social Responsibility and Welfare State Institutions (PDF)

Victoria Pellicer Sifres – Fuel Poverty Human Development Approach (PDF)

Kirsten Jenkins – Energy Justice A Whole Systems Approach (PDF)

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