French Autopathography

21-22 November 2014



This interdisciplinary conference, funded by the School of Modern Languages at Queen’s and the Modern Humanities Research Association (MHRA), will explore a rich corpus of first-person French-language accounts of illness, disability and disorders. It interprets the term autopathography in its broadest sense, embracing not only literature and creative writing, but also first-person documentary, visual, digital and other forms.



Keynote talks:


Dr Hannah Thompson (Royal Holloway, University of London): ‘De simple malade j’étais devenu un handicapé’: (re)negotiating medical and social models of disability in French (from Thérèse-Adèle Husson to Jacques Sémelin)


Dr Tamar Tembeck (McGill): Expanding the Boundaries of the Genre: Contemporary Québécois Autopathographies in the Visual and Performing Arts



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Conference organiser: Dr Steven Wilson, School of Modern Languages, QUB (   @autopathography