Plenary Speakers


Darryl Jones

Darryl Jones is Professor of English in Trinity College Dublin, and a Fellow of the College. He teaches nineteenth-century and Edwardian literature, with a particular specialism in popular literature.  He is author or editor of nine books, including most recently the Oxford edition of the Collected Ghost Stories of M. R. James. His edition of Victorian and Edwardian Horror Stories will be published by Oxford University Press in 2014. He is currently working on Arthur Conan Doyle, on H. G. Wells, and on Arthur Machen.




Derek Johnston

Derek Johnston was awarded his PhD by the University of East Anglia, based on his thesis, ‘Genre, Taste and the BBC: The Origins of British Television Science Fiction’. He has published and presented on a range of topics relating to science fiction and other fantastic genres in broadcasting and film. His monograph on seasonal horror television, such as the British ghost story for Christmas and the American Hallowe’en special, is currently in preparation for publication with Palgrave as part of their Gothic series. Derek is Lecturer in Broadcast Literacy in the School of English at Queen’s University Belfast.




Stuart McWilliams

Stuart McWilliams is Lecturer in English Literature at Åbo Akademi University, Turku, Finland, and was previously a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Edinburgh. His research has focused on medievalism and the rhetorical appropriation of magic (especially premodern magic) in the history of criticism, as well as on the historical politics of the ‘culture wars’ or ‘science wars’ as they have been figured in recent decades. His monograph, Magical Thinking: History, Possibility, and the Idea of the Occult, was published with Bloomsbury in 2013.




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