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The Enterprise SU Team would like to say a huge ‘congrats!’ to all of our students who have successfully made it to the end of term, and for some of you, the end of your days at uni!

For those of you who will be re-joining us in September, now is the time for some well-earned relaxation. This academic year has been tougher than most. A global pandemic meant that life for students became ‘all work and no play,’ and all you could do about it was batter on through and hope that things would get better soon. For that, we salute you. Your strength to keep on going and make it through the end of this term has been incredibly admirable.

For those of you who will now be entering into your lives as a graduate, this time is bittersweet. So glad to see the end of your studying, but so sad that your time at Queen’s has come to an end. As you venture off campus for good, we thank you for your time spent with us learning, discovering, and innovating.

But while you all go off and enjoy your summer, the Enterprise SU team will be in our lovely office planning, coming up with new ideas, and continuing to support you. That’s right- even though you may not be on campus or on a uni timetable, you can still avail of Enterprise SU services over the summer break. Graduates, that means you too! Enterprise SU proudly supports students for up to 2 years post-graduation.

So what does that mean? Well… remember that GREAT idea for a business you conjured up during lockdown but had no time to execute on? Exams and assignments got in the way of actually doing anything about it? Now’s the time! ESU will be at the other end of an email or a Zoom call for those of you who want to come and chat to us about next steps. You may also just want to chat about the next year and how ESU can support you in your career goals. We can help with that too. In fact, we’ve set up an Out of Office specifically for this purpose. Come and meet the team on the 2nd of June from 9.30am – 5pm at The Hatch in the Students’ Union for a coffee and a chinwag as part of Development Weeks.

We’re here to help, support, encourage, signpost, and be your biggest cheerleaders, so if you want to explore your options when it comes to career, business, or startup life, register your interest for our Open Office today at Eventbrite.

See you soon!

Team ESU

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