DUP is working to end the “brain drain”

East Antrim DUP MLA Alastair Ross will travel to Scotland tomorrow to participate in a debate on the future of Northern Ireland. The event will take place on Thursday evening at the University of Dundee, where Mr Ross studied for his Masters Degree in Political Science. Commenting ahead of the debate, Mr Ross said,

“The University of Dundee has always had a significant number of students from Northern Ireland, and whilst they will be keen to hear why their future lies in their home country, students from elsewhere in the UK and international students will also have the opportunity to ask questions on the DUP vision for the Province.

The reality for many students from Northern Ireland who studied in GB is that they never returned home, and instead their knowledge and expertise was lost. The ‘brain drain’ is an issue that we have sought to address by ensuring that we create the conditions that allow for economic investment, and as a result we can attract the kind of jobs to Northern Ireland that will attract our graduates home.

The event will also focus on how much Northern Ireland has benefited from devolution, and on what changes we would like to see in the structures at Stormont, so that we can move towards a more efficient and effective type of governance.

It is always important to engage with younger voters, and ensure that students from across the United Kingdom see what a positive future Northern Ireland can have.”

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