Feature Request process: This process is available to enable you to request additional features or educational apps within Canvas. The list of current apps and information on how to request new apps is outlined below.

Current Apps: These plugins are currently available in Canvas: Turnitin UK, Office 365, Mediasite, You Tube, Wikipedia, Vimeo and Twitter. 

New Apps: If you would like additional educational apps integrated with Canvas, please submit a ‘Feature Request’ ticket via the Help button. Your request will go through a series of checks by the Systems Support Team before its ‘potential’ approval. 

Feature Request Image

Adding Apps into your Canvas Course: In your live course, click Settings, then click the Apps Tab. You can filter by all, not installed or installed. Simply click the App you want then click Add App. Once added, some apps are available to you within the Rich Content Editor.  (via a drop down list icon).

Educational Apps

(The image below shows how to find the installed Apps in the Rich Content Editor)


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