Student photographs can be accessed in Qsis as per the methods below depending on the access permissions of the staff member:

Accessing photos through student image reports in Qsis

  • This information can be accessed by School administrative/clerical staff. The ‘Student Images by module’ report can be accessed to view student images, names and email addresses. To access this report please:
    a) Go to ‘Reporting Tools’ then ‘Query Report Viewer’ under BI Publisher.
    b) Type in QUB_MOD_IMG in the ‘begins with’ field then click search.
    c) Click on view report then enter the module information and click ok.
animated gif showing the steps on how to access the student images report by module in Qsis
How to access the ‘student images report by module’ to view images, names and email addresses
  • School staff would also be able to access student photos in the ‘Student Images by Plan’ report and ‘Bulk Photos’ under Records and Enrolment.
  • More information on Qsis for school administrative staff is available here.

Accessing photos through Academic Self-Service in Qsis 

  • The Academic Self-Service guide explains how to access class rosters and photos in Qsis
  • Step 6 in this guide highlights the option to include photos in the roster.  You can view 1 or 100 students at a time via the ‘view 100’ button at the top of the list.
  • Email addresses are not displayed in the list/table but can be viewed when you click in to the student.
  • More information on Qsis for Academics is available here.

If you require any further support in using the methods above to access Qsis please contact the Qsis Support Team on