Student photographs can be accessed in Qsis as per the methods below, depending on the access permissions of the staff member:

Accessing student photos through Academic Self-Service in Qsis

This information can be accessed by Academic staff. A ‘Student Photo Report’ that includes student photos and email addresses can be accessed via the class roster:

To access this report, follow the steps below in Qsis:

a. Click Main Menu then Self-Service

b. Click on Faculty Center then My Schedule

c. To view all components in a class, such as Tutorials (e.g. TT01 etc.) click on ‘view all’ along the top of the table

d. Click on the 3 people icon beside the relevant class/component to access the class roster

e. Click on the yellow button titled ‘Student Photo Report

Note: If you require any further support in using the methods above to access Qsis please contact the Qsis Support Team on

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