The ’email all students’ function is done in Qsis, not Canvas, depending on the permissions of the staff member.

In Qsis, open Main Menu / Self-Service / Faculty Centre then My Schedule and select a relevant class to open in Class Roster. You may need to click on view all to display all components of a class (such as Tutorials etc.).  Select the option to email an individual student or a group of students.

To email an individual student: Click on their Name and a message will open in your own email account.

To email a group of students: Click the Select All link. You can then un-tick those you do not want to notify.

a) Click the Notify Selected Students button and the Send Notification screen will open.

QSIS notify students image

b) Your email will be in both the From and To fields, this ensures you get a copy of any sent emails.

c) The students selected will be in the BCC field.

d) You may wish to add other staff to the CC field.

e) The default subject can be changed.

f) You can also spell check the message using the book icon.

g) When ready, click the Send Notification button.

QSIS Send Notification Image

If you wish to export the email addresses to excel please click the following icon at the top of the table:

More Information: Please see page 3 of this guide.
More Information: How to view/print a module roster of student photographs in Qsis

Note: If you require any further support, please contact the Qsis Support Team on

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