Please be aware, this application has been made available through the Edu App Centre. The Edu App Centre is not controlled by the institution and apps may become unavailable without notice.

How to install the Wikipedia App in Canvas

In your module, select Settings > Apps > Wikipedia, then select +Add App


Wikipedia placement in Canvas

This Community App allows users to search Wikipedia articles and link or embed these articles in their course learning content.

When enabled a new icon displays in course rich editor letting users search Wikipedia and embed or link articles in course material. Click on the ‘More external tools’ option and select Wikpedia from the dropdown.


How you can use the App

Search public articles from within Canvas and select to embed or link. Embedded content will then be viewable to students within their learning content in Canvas.


  • Due to the nature of Wikipedia any embedded/linked pages are open to anyone to edit or contribute. In the event of inappropriate use previous versions can be restored however pages cannot be controlled beyond this. Similar ability to create course pages for open contribution by those enrolled in the course is currently available in Canvas and this can be controlled/moderated to ensure appropriate use.
  • Copyright & accessibility should also be considered when using material/information from alternative sources. Please refer to the information made available in the Canvas Blueprints or University Policies (where applicable).


Further App Information and Support