Mediasite through the Rich Content Editor 

Anywhere the rich content editor is available in Canvas, the Mediasite icon will display, allowing users to add Mediasite content to course material.

On selecting the Mediasite icon you will be given the options to add a Presentation or Catalogue.

In Mediasite, these refer to:

  • Presentation – any item of video/audio media.
  • Catalogue – a predefined listing of presentations.

If you have a Mediasite account, selecting Presentation or Catalogue will display your most recent presentations or catalogues.

If you do not have an account and/or wish to use Queen’s public Mediasite content, select Presentation or Catalogue and input your search criteria. The search results will contain only the presentations or catalogues to which you have access.

To be able to add a presentation or catalogue you will need to click on the Embed button with dropdown options and select the most appropriate format.

There are four formats for adding Mediasite content to your course:

  • Presentation Link – simple link to presentation
  • Abstract Only – link to the presentation, with a thumbnail image and presentation details
  • Player Only – embedded presentation
  • Abstract + Player – embedded presentation, a thumbnail image and presentation details

Enabling MyMediasite on a course

Note: Staff must have an existing Mediasite account and have attended the course to use these features correctly. You can sign up for a Mediasite account at the URL below if you need this activated:

MyMediasite gives staff full access to Mediasite and its functionality from within Canvas. For instance, you can record content directly from within the Canvas application via MyMediasite.

  1. Navigate to a course on which you want to enable MyMediasite.
  2. Select Settings, then the Navigation tab.
  3. Select MyMediasite, drag this to where you want it to appear in the Course Navigation and select Save.

This will now display a MyMediasite link in the Course Navigation to all staff with access to the module, and will automatically link to the user’s Mediasite account (if they have one), allowing Mediasite to be accessed through the Canvas course.

If the staff member does not have a Mediasite account, they will receive a message indicating that they are not registered.

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