Canvas Staff Training Room, 92 Lisburn Road, BT9 6GW

Canvas for Support Staff


The aim of this workshop is to prepare you to use Canvas to manage and support the delivery and administration of a Queen’s teaching module. This practical workshop will introduce you to the Canvas VLE and give an overview of its functionality, in particular the tools and features that can be used to manage and support a Queen’s teaching module. It will present the various user roles defined for Queen’s staff and explain the permissions associated with each. It will focus on the tools and features in Canvas which help to facilitate communication of information to students, file and content management, managing assignments, grades and student feedback.

Topics Covered

  1. Introduction to the Canvas Interface.
  2. Customising your Profile & Notification Preferences.
  3. Navigating the Canvas Dashboard, courses and modules.
  4. Managing files and adding/ updating course content.
  5. Administering and managing settings for Assignments, including Turnitin.
  6. Using Gradebook to manage the Grade Posting Policy and bulk export grades.
  7. How Canvas and QSIS work together.
  8. Understanding People and Groups in Canvas.
  9. Overview of Canvas announcements.


Multiple Dates
July-Sept 2019
School Support Staff
2hrs 15mins