Canvas FAQs for Staff

Yes. However it is important to note that some of the activity/resource types in Moodle do not exist in Canvas, and this will impact on how some of the Moodle course materials appear in Canvas. The table below shows some of the activities/resources in Moodle which do not exist in Canvas and explains how they will be imported (based on Moodle version 3.0). Advice: It is advised that you make an audit of your Moodle course before importing, and make a note of the features listed in the table below.
Moodle activities/resources not featured in Canvas
What happens when imported to Canvas?
Book Will import as a series of Canvas Pages
Database Will not import
Glossary Will import as a Canvas Page, but the terms and definitions will not display.
Label Will import as a Canvas Page, but the layout and details of the text in the page may need to be reformatted or reorganised.
Lesson Will import as a series of Canvas Pages, but the connections between pages will be lost.
Question banks Canvas will not import Moodle question banks on their own, but question banks can be imported if you choose to also export the Moodle quiz they’re associated with.

Quiz Question types: * Drag and drop * Missing word(s) * Matching

Most question types within Moodle will be imported into Canvas with no problems. However, those question types mentioned in the cell to the left will not import.
Wiki Will not import

Back up your Moodle Course

The next step is to back up your Moodle course.  To do this, go to your Moodle course, click the Turn Editing On button and click the Backup menu item within the Course Administration menu. (If you don’t see this, you will need to ask for help from the administrator of your Moodle site.) backup button in Moodle course Follow the instructions on how to create and save the back up (Note: Make sure you do not include the enrolled users in your back-up file). Then you can log in to Canvas and import the contents of your Moodle course into your Canvas course. Canvas Guide: How do I import content from Moodle into Canvas? (Canvas Community Guide)
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