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The default module (Canvas course) storage allowance is 500MB. There is a separate storage allowance of 50MB for User and Group areas in Canvas. Please click on one of the headings below to view important information about each Course, User and Group storage area including what is and isn’t counted against quotas and file upload limits.

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Once you have finished developing content in your ‘Module Development Area’ you can import it into your ‘live Academic Module’ (i.e. available closer to go-live, where students will be enrolled) by completing the following steps:

  1. In your live Academic Module, click Settings then click Import Course Content.Screenshot highlighting import course content feature in Canvas
  2. In the Content Type drop down menu, click Copy a Canvas course.
    Screenshot highlighting copy a Canvas course
  3. Search and click on your Module Development Area. (it will have DEVELOP at the start of the title)  Click on All content then click Import. 

    Note: You can click ‘Select specific content’ if you want to select individual items (i.e. a page, a discussion, a quiz etc) and do NOT want to copy over all content.
    Screenshot highlighting import content selection and options in Canvas
  4. The job will be queued under Course copy and should take just a few moments to complete, depending on the amount of course content involved.Screenshot showing current jobs for course import in Canvas
  5. Navigate to different areas of the live Academic Module to confirm the content has been imported and check for any content that requires re-activation / re-insertion (see below).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some settings and content are NOT INCLUDED in the course import and will require RE-ACTIVATION/RE-INSERTION in the module. The links below provide more information on the items that are not included and how to use the course copy/import tool.

Canvas Guide: How do I copy content from another Canvas course using the Course Import tool? 
Canvas Guide: What is the Course Import Tool? (includes a list of items that are not included in the course import) 

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Modules that are available in Canvas, will not be available in the Queen’s Online Virtual Learning Environment (QOL VLE). Previous QOL VLE modules and materials will still be accessible in the QOL VLE.

Modules for AY 2019/20 which are available in Canvas, will not be accessible in the QOL VLE.

Note: Only the ‘Modules/Learning Home’ of Queen’s Online is being replaced by Canvas. All other areas of Queen’s Online, where you can access other online resources and services will remain the same.

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Date and time release functions: These are available for ‘Canvas Modules’ (i.e. units of study, for example: weeks, topics, themes) and other features such as assignments, quizzes, discussions and announcements.

The guide below explains how to edit a module’s settings to lock all content and release it on a particular date/time.

Lock Until Image

Canvas Guide: How do I lock a module?

Student photographs can be accessed in Qsis as per the methods below, depending on the access permissions of the staff member:

Accessing student photos through Academic Self-Service in Qsis

This information can be accessed by Academic staff. A ‘Student Photo Report’ that includes student photos and email addresses can be accessed via the class roster:

To access this report, follow the steps below in Qsis:

a. Click Main Menu then Self-Service

b. Click on Faculty Center then My Schedule

c. To view all components in a class, such as Tutorials (e.g. TT01 etc.) click on ‘view all’ along the top of the table

d. Click on the 3 people icon beside the relevant class/component to access the class roster

e. Click on the yellow button titled ‘Student Photo Report

Note: If you require any further support in using the methods above to access Qsis please contact the Qsis Support Team on

More information: Qsis Solutions for School administrative staff
More information: Qsis for Academics
More information: Qsis Academic Self-Service Guide
More information: How to email students directly from Qsis


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