Assessment and Feedback

Canvas has a Quizzes feature that can be used for formative assessment. However, until we pilot the use of Canvas Quizzes for summative assessment, we advise that you continue to use your current method. If using Questionmark, you can provide the following link from your Canvas course:

Canvas Guide:  How do I create a quiz with individual questions? 

Yes, it is possible to change the settings within the Gradebook or Speedgrader to stop feedback being seen by students before you are ready. In Canvas this managed by the Grade Posting Policy. You can select a default grade posting policy for all course assignments, as shown below:

Posting policies can be set to automatic or manual, see below how they will display in Gradebook.

Anonymous Assignments: If you create an anonymous assignment, Canvas will automatically hide grades and feedback for the assignment.

Non-Anonymised Assignments: If the assignment is not anonymous and you have not set the Course to ‘Manual’ Grade Posting Policy, you will need to select ‘Manual’ grade posting policy for the assignment before you begin marking, as shown below:

Canvas Guide: How do I select a grade posting policy for a course in the New Gradebook?
Canvas Guide: How do I select a grade posting policy for an assignment in the New Gradebook?
Canvas Guide: How do I post grades for an assignment in the New Gradebook?
Canvas Guide: How do I hide or post assignment grades in SpeedGrader?

Note: If you have setup an assignment using the Turnitin Integration in Canvas and are using Turnitin Feedback Studio to mark students’ assignments,  you MUST set the ‘Feedback Release Date’ to a date and time that you want your students to receive their grades and feedback. This date will also trigger anonymity to be forced off in Turnitin.

More information: Turnitin within Canvas – Staff Guide

More information: Important Information about Turnitin Assignments within Canvas

Any late submissions will show up in the Grades as Blue in the New Gradebook.

Each colour is a default associated with a Gradebook status: late (blue), missing (red), resubmitted (green), dropped (orange), or excused (yellow), as shown below.

The Status option in the New Gradebook allows you to change the default colours in the Gradebook. Colours can be adjusted by selecting a default colour or using a supported hex code.

Colours are a per-user setting. Colours set in your course apply to any of your other courses that use the New Gradebook, however, they do not apply to any other user who may view the Gradebook. Additionally, status names cannot be changed.

In the Speedgrader you can also see if an assignment is submitted late.
screenshot of late submission in speedgrader

Canvas Guide: How do I change the color for a grading status in the New Gradebook?
Canvas Guide: How do I change the status of a submission in the New Gradebook?
For more information please see: The New Canvas Gradebook

Yes. You can use the Gradebook feature to do this. The link below will bring you to a Canvas guide that explains how to use the Gradebook.

Canvas Guide: How do I use the New Gradebook?

Yes. You can set up peer review assignments for students in Canvas.  Students can then leave written and/or audio feedback for their peers.

How do I use peer review assignments in a course? (Canvas Guide) 

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