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Yes, it is possible to change the settings within the Gradebook or Speedgrader to stop feedback being seen by students before you are ready.  In Canvas this is called ‘muting’ an assignment.

muted assignments

Anonymous Assignments: If you create an anonymous assignment, Canvas will ‘automatically mute’ the assignment. This is visually represented as a bell with a line through it. Muted Bell Image

None Anonymised Assignments: If the assignment is not anonymous, you will need to ‘manually mute’ the assignment in the Gradebook or in the Speedgrader. The animated gif below shows how to manually ‘mute’ an assignment in Gradebook.

animated gif showing the mute/unmute options in Grades

Recognising gradebook/assignment details: The image below will hopefully help you to recognise some key features of the gradebook.

Key Features of Gradebook Image

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Note: If you have setup an assignment using the Turnitin Integration in Canvas and are using Turnitin Feedback Studio to mark students’ assignments,  you MUST set the ‘Feedback Release Date’ to a date and time that you want your students to receive their grades and feedback. This date will also trigger anonymity to be forced off in Turnitin.

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‘Comment bank’ functionality is not available in Speedgrader.

However, there are several other options in Speedgrader that can help you provide student feedback in a fast, efficient way. These include:

  1. colour coded annotations tools (point annotation, highlight annotation, free text annotation, strikeout annotation, free draw annotation & area annotation)
  2. use of rubrics (including none scoring rubrics)
  3. grade input box
  4. overall/general comment box
  5. file attachment of feedback
  6. record/upload media (audio or video) feedback
  7.  speech-to-text recording of feedback

Providing Feedback in Speedgrader

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