Theme: Building Online Community

The Digital Learning Teams from across the institution facilitate monthly Show & Tell webinars, where staff are invited to share their own experiences of online and blended teaching.  On Thursday 3rd December the theme of ‘Building Online Community’ was the focus at the Online Teaching Show & Tell session.

Link to Recordings 

🎥 Recording 1: ‘Building Online Communities’ - Full Show & Tell Webinar

🎥 Recording 2: ‘Strategies for Engaging Students in Online Learning’  – Lessons from a teacher trainer by Lesley Emerson

Session Highlights

  • Dr. Dirk Schubotz is the Director of Postgraduate Studies and Senior Lecturer for the School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work. He has been helping to build online community with weekly virtual coffee mornings. Dirk shares how he facilitates online virtual coffee mornings, providing practical guidance for others wanting to do the same, highlighting ways to ‘break the ice’ and encourage engagement and interaction. 
  • Dr. Nichola Booth (SSESW) has been running fortnightly afternoon Q&A sessions with students studying on the Applied Behaviour Analysis programme. These have led to invaluable opportunities to promote and encourage online student interaction. Nichola describes how she facilitates these sessions, the community aspect that has happened as a result, and student feedback on this approach. 
  • Lesley Emerson (SSESW) discusses how she has used a selection of online and digital platforms to build a collaborative online environment among students on the Education and Professional Studies module. As Lesley trains future teachers on the PGCE programme, she strives to demonstrate model teaching and pedagogical practices. She talks about effective ways to manage and facilitate online interaction with small and large groups of students.
  • Online engagement for student clubs and societies has been difficult this year but it has also offered opportunities to think creatively in how to reach members. Chloe Thompson (EEECS Student School Rep) demonstrates the main platform which Queen’s Computing Society (QCS) have been using to reach students and the techniques they have adopted to build and encourage engagement. Chloe hopes this will spark some ideas that can be used to generate student engagement at school/module level. 

Online and Digital Tools mentioned during the Show & Tell: 

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