These are the latest Canvas system updates that will become available on 26th January 2019. Please click on an update to expand and view the information.  If you have any questions please submit a support ticket via the help menu in Canvas.

Update 1: Outcomes - Student Learning Mastery Total Score Display.  This update is available for the following Canvas roles: Student.


Note: This update is only available if the Learning Mastery Gradebook Feature Option has been enabled on the module by an Instructor.

The Student Learning Mastery Gradebook displays the total score for an outcome if at least one alignment does not include hidden point values.

Change Benefit
This change restores previous functionality of removing the total outcomes display, which was originally removed with the updates to non-scoring rubrics in the 2018-07-14 release.

Affected User Roles & Behaviours

Outcomes with rubric alignments display the outcome’s total score if at least one alignment does not include hidden point values.

When an outcome includes an aligned item with visible point values, the total score displays next to the mastery rating. However, when an outcome includes an aligned item where point values are hidden, the total score is not displayed.

Student learning mastery gradebook individual point values for alignments

For multiple alignments in an outcome, if at least one alignment displays a point value, the overall outcome displays the outcome’s total score. The total score is calculated using the mastery value within each outcome, and all hidden point values are still included in the total score. This behavior aligns with how total scores are displayed in the Learning Mastery Gradebook.

Student learning mastery gradebook point values with multiple alignments but one grade hidden

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Update 2: SpeedGrader - Rubric Additional Comments Text Field.  This update is available for the following Canvas roles: Teacher and TA.


When used within a rubric, additional comments can be added for a rubric directly in the SpeedGrader sidebar. Comments are displayed directly below each criterion.

Change Benefit
This change consolidates commenting within the SpeedGrader sidebar and aligns functionality of all other SpeedGrader comment types.

Affected User Roles & Behaviours 

When an instructor creates a rubric for an assignment and views the rubric in SpeedGrader, clicking the Additional Comments icon displays a comments field directly below the selected criterion. Instructors can add comments for the criterion, save the comment, and view the comment directly below the criterion. Previously the comment would not display until the rubric was saved.

SpeedGrader additional comments field in sidebar

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