In light of a number of support calls reporting issues relating to the use of Turnitin assignments within Canvas, this post calls out important settings that must be reviewed within your assignment to avoid your students encountering problems when submitting.

1. Submissions made directly to Turnitin won’t appear in Canvas Gradebook

If students submit assignments directly to the Turnitin website, rather than through Canvas these submissions or similarity reports cannot be viewed or marked in the Canvas Gradebook.

2. ‘Feedback Release Date’

If you have turned on anonymity within Turnitin, or you’re using Turnitin Feedback Studio to provide feedback for students, you must also check the ‘Feedback Release Date’ setting within the Turnitin assignment.

This date will release feedback to students and will turn off anonymity (anonymity can’t be turned on within Turnitin after this point).

To change the ‘Feedback Release Date’ to an appropriate date/time, go to the ‘Settings’ button on your Assignment page [1], then enter your preferred feedback release date [2] and click ‘Submit’ [3] to save your changes.

screenshot of feedback release date

3. Turnitin does not support multiple due dates set in Canvas

If you set multiple due dates for an assignment within Canvas this will not feed through to Turnitin.

4. Anonymous Grading

If you want an assignment to be marked anonymously, the anonymity setting will have to be set in Canvas.

In Canvas, select ‘Graders cannot view student names’ when setting up the assignment.

5. Allowing Late Submissions in Turnitin

In the ‘Optional Settings’ (see above) you can also ‘Allow Late Submissions’. This will ensure that any students who miss the due date and have not already submitted an assignment can still submit.

6. Viewing Originality Reports in Anonymous Canvas Assignments

Usually, originality reports for Turnitin assignments can be accessed through the Canvas Gradebook. However, when a Canvas assignment is anonymous, originality reports can be viewed through the assignment inbox and Speedgrader. Once the anonymity has been released the originality reports can also be viewed in the Gradebook.

7. One-way Grade Pass

If you have used the Turnitin Feedback Studio to grade and provide feedback for students, the grades will transfer to the Canvas Gradebook but the feedback will not.

Grades will pass from Turnitin to Canvas but do not pass from Canvas back to Turnitin.

We recommend using Speedgrader and Gradebook for marking and feedback where possible to avoid confusion and ensure students can see all marks and feedback.

For further information please see Turnitin within Canvas Staff Guide