Thanks for coming to our blog. Last week, we looked at Queen’s Alumni Services and we continue this week with Alumni Volunteering. Let’s get started!


So, you’ve graduated from Queen’s and you want give something back. Why not consider volunteering as Alumni and offer your experience and expertise to students still at Queen’s? Where can you find out more information about this? Well, the Alumni Volunteering page is a good place to start!

How can I help?

You might consider being a mentor to current students (one or more). Perhaps the organisation you work for would consider student placement opportunities. Or you’re in a position to recruit students once they’ve graduated.


When you were going through your student journey, what would have helped you? Did you need tips and advice on public speaking? Or presentation skills? Where you overwhelmed and needed assistance with time and/or project management? Would talking to someone who had taken a similar journey have helped?

Credit: Cozendo
Credit: Cozendo

Mentoring can be a one-time only activity. Perhaps you’re willing to share your experience and give a talk about referencing tools, or your experience of attending your first conference and what you learned. Or, you could tell us your journey of where you started, what your motivations were and where you currently are, etc.

Alternatively, mentoring can be several more structured meetings with one or two students over a defined period of time. The agenda here can be set by the student(s) with guidance on what they feel they would benefit from.

Placement / Recruitment

We know not all Alumni will be in a position to offer student placements and or recruitment into their organization. However, you might be able to pitch the suggestion at a meeting to those who can consider the suggestion. Or, you might be able to host a student event and let students meet and greet with industry professionals in their disciplines. This is a good opportunity for students to be motivated and see their potential in a few short years time.

Credit: felixioncool
Credit: felixioncool

By supporting students currently in study and giving real-world examples of your experiences, it helps build employability skills, networking opportunities and gives students insights into different industries.

Next time

We’re taking a blogging break over the Christmas period and we want to thank you for your support with reading and sharing our blog. And we hope you find it useful.

We’ll be back on the 17th January 2022 where we look at updating best practices and digital skills as technology is forever updating. It never sleeps.

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