Moving on from introducing you to the Queen’s Online (QOL) digital hub and quick links section to other digital services. This week, we investigate the Intranet options that QOL offers.

Why use the Intranet?

When it comes to getting access to relevant information, it should be available in the intranet sites in Queen’s Online. Yes, you can access the content from the external QUB website. However, it might take more time finding the content.

So where do I find the Intranet section on QOL?

We’re glad you asked. From the screen shot below, you will see a card labelled Intranet / Directory of Services and it has a Search feature underneath it (as seen below):

Queen's Online - Intranet / Directory of Services Section
Queen’s Online – Intranet / Directory of Services Section

If you know what you want to search for, use the Search facility. This can save time and effort instead of trawling through the different options available. However, if you’re not sure what you’re looking for OR you’re just familiarizing yourself about the different services offered, then use the Intranet Sites tab (as seen below):

Queen's Online - Intranet Sites Section
Queen’s Online – Intranet Sites Section

You can see the Intranet Sites has three sections:

  • Directorates
  • Faculties
  • Schools

Do explore these options as it provides quick and timely information which is easy to navigate. So what’s important? It all is. Let’s start off looking at Directorates and Academic & Student Affairs and Information Services. This is where you can find information on:

  • Academic Affairs
    • Student Services & Systems
    • Student Support & Development
    • Educational Development
  • Information Services
    • Directory of Services
    • Library Services
    • Learning and teaching support
    • Digital Transformation, and
    • Documents
Academic Affairs

This is where you will find information on: General regulations / Appeals, complaints and misconduct / Scholarships and awards / Examinations and assessment / Collaborative arrangements / Programme approval and review / Programme specifications / Research degree programmes / Honorary titles / Committees

Queen's - Academic and Student Affairs Intranet page
Queen’s – Academic and Student Affairs Intranet page
Student Services & Systems

Here, you will find information on: Canvas / Virtual graduations / QSIS services / Student registry services / QSIS development / Examinations / Registration & enrolment.

Student Support & Development

On this page, you will find help with: Science shop / International student support / Careers, employability & skills / Learning Development Service / Disability services / Widening participation unit / Student wellbeing service.

Educational Development

This is the page you should come to for information on Centre for Educational Development, and Events and courses that you can avail of.

Information Services

This is to do with all things IT, computing and technology. Do come into this page and have a look around the different services available:

  • Directory of services
  • Library services
  • Learning and teaching support
  • Digital transformation, and
  • Documents
Queen's - Information Services Intranet page
Queen’s – Information Services Intranet page

Within Information Services, you can find out the status of key services, i.e., if computing systems or networks are not running at 100%. Along with this, should you have an IT query (this includes issues with buildings access, email accounts, library services, etc.), do contact the IT Service desk as your first point of call.

If you prefer to talk to someone face-to-face, you will find the IT Helpdesk in the McClay Library on the main campus site.

Queen's - Information Services Intranet page continued
Queen’s – Information Services Intranet page continued
Next time

Next week, we will continue looking at Information Services’ Library section. Then continue with more Intranet options on Queen’s Online the following week.

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