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What about our students? It’s all fair and well getting the content on but how do new students use Canvas? Well. Did you know there’s a Student Orientation Course in Canvas? When students start studying at Queen’s, they will have the relevant Canvas access and that years modules of study in their Canvas Dashboard.

Not only that, there’s a Student Orientation Course to help students with all things Canvas. But what does this course cover? Let’s look.

Student Orientation Course

There is a Queen’s welcome video, My Queen’s website and a key topics section which includes the sections on the image (as shown):

Canvas Student Orientation Course - Key Topics

Getting Started
Log into Canvas
Canvas Dashboard
Student Mobile App
Set up your profile

Find assignments
Submit assignments
Turnitin in Canvas
View grades & feedback

Use the rich content editor
Groups & sign up
Contribute to discussions
Access quizzes

View announcements
Respond to messages
View your calendar
Set notification preferences
Canvas Student Orientation Course – Key Topics

The home page of this student course also explains about the Canvas terminology, Help and Accessibility.

Canvas guided tour

Who doesn’t like a walk through of digital spaces? This video will help you see how easy Canvas is to use.

What else is available?

There’s information on the different methods of logging into Canvas. The course details the different help tiers and methods of contact. There’s a lovely video on the Canvas Student App.

Much more

There’s too much for us to detail here. Do encourage students to look through and refer to the Student Orientation course during their studies. This will inform students how to navigate modules, find assessments and what to expect when submitting assignments and Turnitin assessments.

As academics, you should also make yourselves aware of the content of the Student Orientation Course. You can refer students to particular information and this will save you time. This could be shared by Canvas announcements within your modules and direct student orientation links shared to signpost students directly to the relevant content.

Next time

To continue with Canvas, tomorrow we look at how you can create a feedback/query forms for student use.

Please do join us then to learn more and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter: @MDBSelearn.


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