Welcome to the first Thursday of our Canvas blog-a-thon. So far this week, we have looked at:

Today we turn our attention to how to roll over content from a previous module to a future module.

What is rolling over content?

This is essentially making a copy of a previous course’s content for future use. Consider it a copy and paste to make a duplicate.

Once you have the content copied and pasted (rolled over) into the new Canvas Module space, this allows you to amend content. For example:

  • Learning outcomes may have updated
  • Student handbook will need replaced for the current student cohort and academic year
  • PowerPoints and other teaching content will need updated regards accessibility and other teaching updates
  • Recordings of ‘live-teaching’ for the previous module need removed
Why can’t I use recordings of previous live-teaching?

If you were involved in delivering ‘live-teaching’ via MS Teams in previous modules, students may well have been captured in those recordings, i.e., via web cam, mic or sharing screen content, etc. Only the students in that particular cohort can access those recordings and these recordings CANNOT be used in other modules or programmes of study as this is a breach of privacy.

Live-teaching is exactly that: Live for those students who were timetabled for it. Only those students. The fact it may be recorded is to benefit those students in their learning and revision of the subject being taught.

Can I re-use talks I pre-recorded?

If you (as an academic) pre-record a talk and it’s only you on the recording (visual and audio), this can be reused until it needs to be updated (i.e., legislation or processes may update).

How do I roll over content in Canvas?

Access Canvas how you normally do. Click on the new module you want to bring the existing content into. Whilst on the Home tab, click on Import Existing Content (as shown below):

Canvas - Rolling over content through Importing Existing Content
Canvas – Rolling over content through Importing Existing Content

On the next page, click the dropdown and choose Copy a Canvas Course:

Canvas - Copy a Canvas Course
Canvas – Copy a Canvas Course

Then type in the module code the content is to be copied from. Please ensure it’s the right module you intend to copy from as there are Autumn (AUT), Summer (SUM) and Full Year (FYR) modules available for each academic year (AY). The current academic year is AY2020/21 and from September, you should be looking for AY2021/22 codes.

Canvas - search for a module
Canvas – search for a module

Once you have the correct course identified, Canvas then allows you to decide if it’s all content or specific content to be copied and whether dates need amended (as per below).

Canvas - copy content options
Canvas – copy content options

Once you have selected the appropriate options, click Import. Once the status bar has progressed from left to right, your new module will be a duplicate of the course you copied from. This allows you to amend the module, dates, content, etc., before you publish the module and give students access.

Do consider you still need to make amendments. Assessments may well need removed / amended.

Next time

As part of this blog-a-thon, tomorrow we will look at accessing help and training within Canvas.

Please do join us then to learn more and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter: @MDBSelearn.


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