Last Friday, we looked at Plottr for those interested in creative writing and we continue with another App this week, again for creative writers, authors and storytellers.

Here’s what Tony McGovern has to tell us about Reedsy Book Editor.

What is Reedsy Book Editor?

Founded by Emmanuel Nataf, Ricardo Fayet, Vincent Durand and Matt Cobb in 2014. Reedsy now has 1+ million authors and more than 2500 freelance professionals. All this works together to make over 15,000 books available on the market every year.

The Reedsy Book Editor is just that, an online service for editing books. This service is focused on helping authors create their books as well as getting help from other professionals.

Getting started

Reedsy is a free online service. Just sign up and log in. It is ideal for getting help or co-writing a book with other writers. You can work simultaneously online on the same book without having to share different versions back and forth.

Credit: Dmitry Ratushny
Credit: Dmitry Ratushny
What can Reedsy Book Editor be used for?

There are several unique features in Reedsy to help you with your book.

It has features to include clauses for copyright which can be inserted for protecting your work. Choose the copyright issues (moral rights, external content, all rights reserved, etc.) you want to cover, then Reedsy will insert it.

Reedsy is ideal for clearly sorting your book into chapters which are easily found or moved around with the drag and drop feature. If you are writing a story which has flashbacks, you can write the story in a linear fashion and move the chapters once everything is written. You are able to view comments which are put on the side, as well as previous versions and track what was changed.

The App automatically gives you chapter headings, proper indentation and text alignment. It really does great work on formatting your book to look more professional and well edited.

Reedsy has features allowing you to link up with professional editors, ghost writers and various people with skill sets which could be needed and/or used by any writer. You can see their details, location and reviews from other people who have used their services.

You can write your book in another application, then upload your work to Reedsy. Or download your book from Reedsy to your computer and work offline. When you are ready to allow the internet into your life, go back online and upload your updated work.

Privacy Issues
Credit: Franck
Credit: Franck

Your personal information and choices when creating your account are collected by Reedsy and stored. This gives you access to the full features of the website.

This collected information includes your hardware model, mobile network information, browser type and other information to improve the services Reedsy provides to you.

Whilst collecting information, Reedsy may ask if you are willing to participate in their surveys. If you agree, they will also collect any information you provide as part of the survey.

Your details may be used to contact you about Reedsy news, events and services which you may also be interested in. It is possible to opt out of being notified about these services (if you choose).

You can contact Reedsy to access any information held about you, as well as request the reasons why they are processing your information.


Reedsy Book Editor is a great online service for writing and formatting any book. If you are serious about writing books, this is definitely for you! There is a large network of other people which you can connect with to further enhance your book.

The Reedsy Editor has some really useful features for book writing and it helps structure and format your work from start to end. These features make editing and changing the story to add plot twists and alterations very easy.

Reedsy has several useful features. I would recommend it. However, I would like to make you aware that while the website is visually appealing, the controls and layout of this service may take time to get used to. Many people are used to the Microsoft Word layout. This service differs in layout. Do not let this put you off as Reedsy is worth the time to learn how to use the editor.

Reedsy Book Editor vs Grammarly

Reedsy and Grammarly are both great for writing. While Grammarly focuses more on grammar and style of writing, Reedsy focuses more on story layout, ease of editing and access to the experiences of writing with other writers, editors, etc.

Reedsy is hands down the service you want for formatting your book! It allows for the altering of large sections and/or collaborating with other people. However, Grammarly’s spell check and writing style options all surpass the Reedsy options. Why not use both to improve your writing?


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