Last week, we got an overview of Grammarly and how it helps us improve spelling, grammar and our writing overall. Let us ask: have you ever thought about creative writing? This week, we asked Tony McGovern to review Plottr as a writing tool for authors and here’s what Tony had to say.

What is Plottr?

Cameron Sutter is the Founder of Plottr. After he built Plottr for personal use, he released it in 2017. His App has helped 1000+ authors in the few years it has been available to the public. Plottr has since teamed up with Ryan Zee’s company BookSweeps.

This is a writing tool with a different target. Instead of correcting grammar and spelling, Plottr helps you plan out your story using a visual representative of the plan and timeline you are making. It helps give your writing structure.

Getting started

Plottr is available on Windows, Mac, IOS and Android and there’s a free 30-day trial, after that, Plottr is $25 and there are other pricing plans. These pricing plans feature more licenses and access on more devices. This $25 is a paid yearly subscription.

The App, Plottr, allows for working on several writing projects. Simply create or start your project and get to work. You are able to set up a timeline which shows your main plot, different characters and events. This is ideal for long stories (or future series) with multiple and twisting plots. When plotting out storylines, scene cards can be dragged and dropped into the timeline for easy changes and the timeline is color-coded for easy understanding.

Plottr allows for a plot outline to be created and provides notes for your story whilst working on your timeline.

Plottr - structuring your story
Plottr – structuring your story

You can create profiles for characters and places, include stats, descriptions and other useful information. This means you can be fully aware of your characters progression. There’s also a facility to attach images to the profiles as well. This can help with the visualization of characters, places or even story art.

Add tags to your work, with colour coding for easy identification. Find and group work easily. This is ideal for status’ and stages when everyone comes together.

What can Plottr be used for?

Plottr is ideal for new and advanced storywriters. If you are writing your 1st or 5th novel, Plottr is the choice for you. Planning a good story can take a while, you might get the idea at any time and then start developing it into something amazing.

Writing a good book can take time. As you write up your story using Plottr, you won’t forget any of the important details or plot twists you planned to insert into your story.

Privacy Issues

The Plottr privacy policies are very reasonable for using this service. They collect information such as browser type, device, geo-location, cookies and the software you use, as well as any personal information you supply when you sign up. All this information goes to improving your service and making sure you are who you claim to be.

To enable the service provided by Plottr such as hosting, IT, error loggers, etc., information may be shared with third parties.

You are able to request, review and update any information Plottr may be holding about you. You are able to restrict how some of your information is used and Plottr does not hold any information longer than necessary and


Plottr is a really visual and easy to use tool for plotting out any story or the timeline for a series. It is a must have App for anyone interested in serious writing. Whilst Plottr it is a paid subscription service, it is definitely worthwhile having.

Plottr vs Grammarly

Plottr and Grammarly have little in common. One helps with the design and plot of your story (Plottr) and the other checks grammar and writing style (Grammarly) for your story. However, using both these Apps will help you create a great story that everyone will enjoy reading.


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