Welcome back after the May Day break, we hope you are keeping well. We have been focusing on online accessibility standards until now. This included using MS Word and MS PowerPoint.

In the next series, we consider individuals and their needs to be able to access services, technologies and digital content. To begin this series, this week we specifically focus on Disability Services within Queen’s University.

All of the information is available on the main QUB website. We’re merely drawing your attention to this information whether you are currently staff, students or prospective students.

Let’s get started!

Disability Services

Within Queen’s University, we have a Disability Services section. The aim of Disability Services is to:

to provide prospective and current students and staff of the University with appropriate information relating to disability issues, and to outline the relevant resources and services available at Queen’s.

There are a number of areas to explore, including:

We encourage exploration of these pages. Become knowledgeable on the services available and the processes of registration and needs assessment.

Information for students

Our central Disability Services website has a great Student Information section. This can assist and support students (current and prospective). Do have a look at this information. It gives you more detail on Disability Services, registration and much more.

Below you will find the steps for Disability Services Registration. And you can email disability.office@qub.ac.uk if you need assistance with any part of the process.

QUB Disability Services Registration Process
QUB Disability Services Registration Process

There was a Disability & Wellbeing webinar (May 2020) which you can watch. In this video, we hear from Disability Officers and Wellbeing Advisers about the support which is available. This can be viewed in the YouTube video below:

Disability Policy

Queen’s University is committed to supporting students with disabilities. You can read more about the Queen’s commitment in the Student Disability Policy (below).

Information for staff

Again, there’s Staff Information which helps provide information, advice and guidance on supporting students with disabilities. This includes:

  • The disability code of practice
  • Guidelines for staff
  • School Disability Advisers
  • Staff FAQs

As a staff member, some of this content is held on Queen’s Online and the website will direct you on that.

Whether you are currently staff, students or prospective students, we encourage you to explore these websites to discover the support and guidance available at Queen’s University.

Next time

Our next blog post will continue with looking at Assistive Technologies provided by Queen’s and how these technologies can help users (staff and students) with disability and accessibility needs.

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