Yesterday, DigiKnow posted two blogs on Teaching at a Distance – MS Teams and Recording Lectures in PowerPoint.

Teaching and meetings at a distance are made easier using MS Teams (via Office 365). Here’s a few tips to help teachers and staff using MS Teams.

Be sensible

Teachers – take a moment to plan what you can deliver and how Teams can assist you with that. It might be meetings and sharing of files, chat or adding apps for students to use. Discover what works for you.


If you have never used Teams before, create a new team with a colleague and investigate it’s capabilities. Become comfortable using Teams on a small scale before creating a larger team. Explore all the options and become familiar.

Set up a Team

Teams can be set up for teaching, learning communities, meetings, etc. You decide who’s in the team and invite those members. Here’s yesterday’s post on Teaching at a Distance – MS Teams.

Hold meetings

Schedule meetings regularly and see how staff/students are coping and what might help them with working/learning. Always communicate times of meetings to relevant persons.

Schedule one to ones (students)

Communicate and arrange with students. Schedule time slots for 1-2-1 meetings – this allows students to access pastoral care or gain feedback from teachers on their work and what else they need to do.

If you found these tips helpful. Please share this blog with other staff and academics for distance working and teaching.

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