What is MS Teams?

MS Teams is Microsoft product available as part of Office 365. Teams as a digital service is available to QUB Staff and students.

What is the benefit of MS teams? You can set up your own team for teaching, meetings, etc., and anything you share automatically goes to those team members. This can be done via the Teams App online or the desktop version.

Getting Started

In Queen’s University Belfast, staff and students have access to office 365 by going to www.office.com, click Sign in and sign in with staff/student number and password.

Office 365 Welcome Screen

Once signed in, you should see the following:

Office 365 landing page with Apps

Click on the Teams icon.

You should see something similar to the screen below.

Click Join or Create a Team (1)

Click Create Team (2)

Teams Interface

Choose the type of team you want to create, i.e., Class:

Team type choices

Name the team (1), give a Description (2) and click Next (3):

Create your team window

The Team is created and needs populated. The best way to do this is by staff/student number as there may be several people with the same names on our system.

In Search for Students (1), type in a student number and select the student’s name (2), click Add (3) and when the full list of students are added, click on Close (4).

Adding people to a team

Once the Team is set up, students will receive a notification via email they have been added to a team.

Teams allows you and other team members to:

  • Create Posts
  • Add Files
  • View Class Notebooks (students can only see their own work)
  • Create Assignments
  • Track Grades

The + on the top bar allows the adding of additional tabs (all team members can view):

Available Apps to add to Team

Team Features

At the bottom of the Teams window is a number of icons:

Teams icons

From left to right, they allow:

  • Formatting
  • Attachments
  • Emojis
  • Stickers
  • Meetings (similar to skype with face-to-face, audio or chat features)
  • Stream
  • Praise

The  on the right allows more Apps to be added.

In active meetings Video icon

Facilities include:

Counter A counter

Video Icon Webcam on/off

Mic Icon Microphone on/off

Screen share icon Share screen

Device settings icon Allows display of device settings, meeting notes, full screen, blur background, captions on/off, keypad, start recording and turn off incoming video

Chat icon Chat window

Participants icon Participants can be invited

End meeting icon Meeting ended

If meetings are recorded, they can be viewed later in Teams or shared (on email or embed code) via Stream.

Once you start an active meeting, this can be recorded. The recording will remain available within the team or it can be sent to Stream and shared elsewhere within the organisation. Do check the permissions, etc.

Team ‘meetings’ are a nice way to engage with students in small groups and/or tutorials. Students can communicate with each other via chat and other options within the Team or students can set up their own Team spaces to collaborate in.


We hope you have found this tutorial on Microsoft Teams helpful. Please share this blog with other academics for distance teaching.

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