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Welcome to the blog of Compromise after Conflict based at Queen’s University Belfast & University of Aberdeen. Post conflict situations require us to examine our past and how we heal the emotions and hurt endured by victims as well as society as a whole. We would welcome your comments on any of our postings and would consider articles for posting from academics, victims groups, politicians and other interested parties.


This is a global blog an open to everyone. Feel free to post a comment which will go live after moderation. If you wish to submit an article for posting please contact Dr Francis Teeney f.teeney@qub.ac.uk We welcome debate on any of our postings.

One Response to About Us

  1. patrick says:

    Maybe, those in this blog who seemingly have recieved a grant to foster this work. Could then allow the communities affected by these fleggers the right of reply? Those in communities daily hemmed in (Ardoyne Short Strand, communities ignored in these debates) so Fleggers can enjoy their civil rights might paint a completely differnt picture.

    Editors note.
    All of the right to reply on this blog as you have just done. Secondly we do not receive any money at all for this. You will be pleased to learn that we do it for free, to provide a platform for all shades of opinion. As the editor I warmly invite you to pen an article in reply and I will post it.

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