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Getting To Know You; Getting To Know All About You

By Jude Collins Political Commentator 22/5/2014 When I was working in education, there used to be a subject called Education for Mutual Understanding. It always provoked in me a quiet chuckle,  because it suggested what was wrong here was that … Continue reading

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Reparations, pensions and victims: learning from history

  By Dr Marie Coleman Queen’s University Belfast   18/5/2014 As a historian I am intrigued by whether we are able to learn from history.  And as an Irish historian, I wonder if they are parallels from earlier periods in … Continue reading

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Peace Building: The Optimum Risk

  By Glenn J.  Bradley 12/5/2014   Most great business leaders will tell you that their job role has always been where they strive to make the impossible elegantly probable by a tenacious focus that creates a result. I have … Continue reading

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Govern In The Interest Of All Or Don’t Govern At All

By Paul Hagan-Rea Gay Rights Activist & Political Commentator 9/5/2013 With three years of elections ahead of us, the old parties on both sides have taken once more to the shovel and begun digging in for a long period of … Continue reading

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Is justice blind or one-eyed?

By Professor John Brewer Queen’s University Belfast 7/5/2014   Learning to live together after conflict is not just about developing a shared future; it is about dealing with the legacy of the past as well. This does not require we … Continue reading

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The Story of my Family: And How We Might Move Forward

By Ann Travers Victims Campaigner 5/5/2014 In April 1984, my family’s lives were to change for ever, no longer would we just have lived through the “troubles” but we would join 1000′s of others and become a statistic. My private, … Continue reading

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