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An open letter to the Spanish Government in Madrid

From Rev Dr Harold Good OBE                                                                                                                                                          Joint verifier of the decommissioning of the arms of the IRA, September 2005 1/3/2014 I write as one who has been invited to the Basque Country  on many occasions to meet with genuinely … Continue reading

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The Past Keeps Finding Us

  By Rev Lesley Carroll   25/02/2014 As the Haass process neared its end everyone knew that elections were looming, impacting where discussions would lead. The debate about posters along the route of the Giro d’Italia serves to remind us … Continue reading

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No one Deserves to be the Victim of Racist Abuse

  By Anna Lo MLA Alliance Party   20/2/2014 I’d like to say I was surprised by the racist and other abuse I received in the wake of my call to remove election posters, flags and paramilitary murals from along … Continue reading

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The George Chittick Interview: bigotry exposed again.

By Willie Drennan The Ulster Folk   18/02/2014 Following one of the recent protest parades to Twadell Avenue a leading Belfast Orangeman made a speech. The media were there and needed a story. The story was that the Orangeman had … Continue reading

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A Rebuff of Jude Collins

  By Stephen Cooper Traditional Unionist Voice (TUV) 14/02/2014   The claims made by Jude Collins’ article last week need further examination. ‘Republicans are willing to accept their share of responsibility for the suffering caused during the Troubles’ Really? Where? … Continue reading

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Haass Talks: The real reason for failure

By Naomi Long MP Alliance Party   11/02/2014   From our inception, Alliance’s focus has been building a shared and integrated future. Our test for the Haass Talks was whether proposals would move us closer to that goal. The ambition … Continue reading

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The Right of Reply: A response to Jeffrey Donaldson

By Jude Collins Political Commentator The Compromise after Conflict blog is once again delighted to team up with the Belfast Media Group/ Andersonstown News and jointly publish two articles for discussion. Some days ago we posted an article by Jeffrey … Continue reading

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A Case For Opposition – then let the voters decide

By Jim Nicholson MEP Ulster Unionist 3/2/2014 In the early hours of New Year’s Eve, a document was placed in front of the five Executive parties on the basis that we would agree it in full or reject it in … Continue reading

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