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“I know Bombers”

  by the Rev. Dr Gary Mason East Belfast Methodist Mission 31/1/2014 On the 23rd October 1993 I stood outside the Mater hospital on the Crumlin Road in Belfast with my arms around Alan McBride whose wife Sharon had just … Continue reading

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Consensus not Imposition is the way to a Shared Future

By Jeffrey Donaldson MP DUP Representative at the Haass Talks 28/1/2014 Dr Richard Haass and Professor Meghan O’Sullivan have returned to the USA but they have done Northern Ireland a good service.  When they accepted the invitation of all five … Continue reading

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Ian Paisley: What you see is what you get

  By Malachi Ó Doherty Author/ Academic & Journalist 24/1/2014 The one thing you could rely on in Ian Paisley that distinguished him from other politicians, is that if you asked him a question he would deal with it. The … Continue reading

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Restoring Ambition and Vision: Beyond the Politics of Low Expectations

  By John McCallister MLA NI 21 Deputy Leader 21/1/2014 “A truly historic opportunity for a new beginning” – words from the Declaration of Support which opens the Agreement. We are now months away from the 16th anniversaries of the … Continue reading

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Haass and the alienation of PUL Electorate

By Stephen Cooper TUV 17/1/2014   Fifteen years ago, Loyalism stood beside David Trimble to enter into all party talks, providing him with the pivotal extra few percentage required to represent over 50% of the Unionist electorate. Today, things are … Continue reading

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Haass Talk’s Outcome Must Be Maximised

By Joe Byrne MLA SDLP Chairman & party negotiator at Haass Talks   11/1/2014   The Haass/O’Sullivan Talks on New Year’s Eve is viewed by the SDLP as a qualified success given the complexity of issues under discussion and the … Continue reading

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Epiphany 2014

By Paul Gallagher Victims Campaigner   6/1/2014 In Western Christianity January 6th is the feast of the Epiphany. Epiphany in its most basic sense is an experience of sudden and striking realisation.  I view what happened to me on that … Continue reading

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