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Writing the troubles out of my head: Ian Acheson

  Ian Acheson is a 45 year old Ulsterman born in Fermanagh but now living and working in South West England. He works in the  Equality and Human rights sector. The views expressed in this blog are entirely personal. … Continue reading

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Victims are not the sole arbiters of the future.

By Glenn Bradley 19/12/2013   In September 1990 I was an NCO in HM Field Army and so I can be described as a ‘former soldier’.  I am also a victim. Our uncle Louis, unarmed, was returning from a fishing … Continue reading

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Time For A Better Level of Public Discussion

By Bishop Harold Miller (COI Bishop of Down and Dromore) & Rev Norman Hamilton (Former Moderator Presbyterian Church)   18/12/2013   ‘If you want an end to the old divisions, and the stale debates, and the score-keeping and the name-calling, … Continue reading

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Limited Immunity

  By Paul Gallagher Victim and Victims campaigner 15/12/2013 After doing an interview with the BBC’s The View, which was aired (Thursday 12 December) on the issue of limited immunity for Troubles cases I got to thinking about how this … Continue reading

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Equality Versus Justice

By Mark Thompson Director Relatives for Justice   13/12/2013   As I waited outside Courtroom 13 at Laganside Court for the inquest into the loyalist killing of Roseanne Mallon to resume on Friday 6th December a few yards away in … Continue reading

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The thoughts of John McCallister MLA on Attorney General John Larkin’s proposal on the past

John McCallister, Deputy Leader NI21 and MLA for South Down The details of John Larkin’s proposal should, rightly, be subject to scrutiny and debate. NI21 has given its support to the Attorney General’s suggestion because we believe that the alternatives … Continue reading

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Nelson Mandela: Reflection

By Professor John Brewer Queen’s University Belfast 6/12/2013   Nelson Mandela had several lives – as lawyer, as political activist, as guerrilla leader, as one of the world’s most famous political prisoners, as President of the new non-racial South Africa, … Continue reading

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How will we remember Mandela?

    By Dr Francis Teeney Queen’s University Belfast 6/12/2013 I am thankful that I lived on this earth at the same time as Nelson Mandela did and due to modern methods of communication could follow various stages of his … Continue reading

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PIRA’s engagement with Smithwick sounds a death knell – for “truth recovery”.

    By Mike Nesbitt MLA Leader, Ulster Unionist Party   4/12/2013 On Saturday 7th September, I sat in the magnificent Dining Hall of St Catherine’s College Cambridge, listening to the Tánaiste and Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, … Continue reading

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