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Living with the Voices of the Dead

By Fr Martin Magill – Parish Priest, Sacred Heart Parish, Belfast 31/8/2013   “See I am doing a new deed, even now it comes to light; can you not see it?” My mother died on Saturday 24 August 2013 and … Continue reading

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In Memory of Tim Parry

In memory of my son, Tim Parry   By Colin Parry 29/8/2013   Everything I do is in memory of Tim, my 12 year old son who was killed in 1993 by an IRA bomb in Warrington. I have always … Continue reading

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Compromise after Conflict?

  By Jim Allister MLA    27/8/2013 In April I attended an event at Stormont at which A Charter for Innocent Victims of Terrorism was launched. I was one of a number of MLAs who, at that time, pledged to … Continue reading

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Throwing in the Towel

By Rev Lesley Carroll Fortwilliam & Macrory Presbyterian Church  25/8/2013   No matter wot ‘e done. It’s jist a thing I knoo ‘e’d do if once ‘e got the show. An’ it would never please ‘im fer to sling Tall … Continue reading

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  By Anonymous Christian   Member Fitzroy Presbyterian Church   23/8/2013   On 7th October, on a quiet Sunday evening, my father died. For weeks I’d visited him in a hospital ward in a Whiteabbey suburb and sat by his … Continue reading

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Bloody Reconciliation?

By Rev Earl Storey 21/08/2013 Sometimes it is because churches are places of such beauty or history that silence is the only appropriate response. Sometimes … but not always!   In the space of one hundred days in 1994 approximately … Continue reading

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Towards a Common Future

By Basil McCrea MLA Leader of NI21   19/08/ 2013   In 1998 I wasn’t a politician. As a member of the public  I voted “Yes” for the Good Friday Agreement (and no I didn’t read it).  I wasn’t interested … Continue reading

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What does the outside world think of us?

                        Dr Katrin Dudgeon Queen’s University Belfast 15/8/2013 I have lived in Northern Ireland now for the past 21 years and have of course, like everybody else living here, watched closely the transformation from a conflict ridden society to one … Continue reading

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The New Northern Ireland Battleground: True or False

    By Paul Hagan-Rea Gay Rights Activist & Political Commentator 8/8/2013 The past has become the new battleground in Northern Ireland, much like the American gold rush – all sides are racing to stake their claim and create an … Continue reading

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Maintaining compromise after conflict: on understanding the problem before offering solutions

  For things that matter in everyday life, people are usually able to come up with a spectrum of ideas about the way they might work, or go wrong, or be put right. Improving our understanding is partly about seeing … Continue reading

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