Definitely working harder than the Irish rugby team…

I’m trundling along enthusiastically at the minute, interspersing bouts of hard work with many fun evenings. The Six Nations has started. It is a competition I love for many reasons – the brevity of it is exciting and makes it easy to follow; I like the banter and rivalry of all the Wales-Scotland-Ireland-England games; rugby is a ‘real’ sport (as opposed to soccer, which is overpaid and under-performs RE: World Cup 2010); and Ireland generally does well. Not on Saturday though. It was a pitiful performance against Italy, and we would have lost had it not been for O’Gara’s beautiful drop goal. So I’m doing better than the Irish rugby team. I’m also doing better than the Pittsburgh Stealers, who have just lost the Superbowl. And Fernando Torres, who lost his first £50million match against his old club. The only difference between me and these sports stars is that I have 8,000 words to write for a deadline in 6 days, and they do not. And there may be a small disparity between our wages. I need a drop kick.

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