My MA graduation is on Friday. The continuing artic weather begs the serious academic question – what to wear?! I’ve scheduled an emergency shopping trip tomorrow to purchase a Sensible Dress. Graduation itself will be nice, all my classmates from English will be back for it. Most of them are doing PhDs in various universities around the world or doing the PGCE teaching course. With the pending university cuts, the teaching course suddenly looks like a wise choice. But all griping aside, there will be 15 of us wearing silly hats in our graduation photos, due to a low-intensity banter/propaganda campaign. I’ve bought a sombrero. Mum will be so proud! Graduation is at 10am, then the School of English are putting on a wine reception for us at midday (never too early to drink apparently). There is a marquee party for all graduates hosted by Queens,¬† and then it’s off to dinner and champagne.

Slipping update: 5 skids on the ice¬†today, but still haven’t hit the deck. Hurrah!

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