S’no fun!

The blizzards continue outside and the distractions are never-ending! I had two friends staying this weekend, foiling my good plans to sit down and write. Instead we struggled through the hordes in town doing our Christmas shopping and had a well-deserved mulled cider at the Christmas Market. I think one of the misconceptions about PhD life is that you have all the time in the world to do research. But family commitments, meeting friends, academic seminars, meeting supervisors, student society obligations, drafting papers and applying for scholarships eats into the precious hours. It’s incredibly frustrating trying to get the balance right.

I met with my supervisor on Monday. He is great craic and very entertaining, so we spent a few hours chatting about music and methodology and student fees. I have to wonder if this is the last hurrah for the Humanities. Am I the last of a generation who takes free education for granted? Is it possible that in ten years English departments in the UK will be facing extinction? The Browne Report is hard to fathom. Of course vocational courses are important, but is life worth living without the arts?

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