Ready for the Fall…

It’s the 29th of November and life is good… apart from the wretched snow. The newspapers are calling it The Big Freeze (again). I nearly fell over four times and let out some ungodly shrieks on my walk into uni this morning. I can’t get songs about falling out of my head (Fall Out Boy’s We’re Going Down, Duran Duran’s Falling Down, Hot Chip’s Ready for the Floor (Fall).

In academic life, I went to a fascinating interdisciplinary conference on Ireland and Modernity. Some very interesting ideas were thrown about. It was a large conference organised by PhD students at QUB. I was impressed. Apparently organising a big event like that looks great on the CV. I’ve been to talks on publishing your work, and how to get an academic career (with superhuman perseverance and willpower it seems). I’ve also been reading mountains of books and trying to work out my methodology. I’ve always loved postmodernism, but it’s a difficult approach when combined with feminism, so I’ve been tinkering with some arguments. I’ve also started writing words. Hurrah!

I’m just back from an epic Glasgow-Birmingham roadtrip to see some friends, and can feel the work starting to pile up. My plan is to soldier away until the 20th December, then take two weeks off. Hopefully the weather improves…

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