Reducing Form Spam

The CMC team have implemented an anti-spam measure to reduce comment form spam. The following instructions explain how to use this from within the Terminal 4 content management system. The result is that before your form is displayed the users IP address is checked against a list of known spammers – so there may be a 1 second delay before the form is displayed.

  1. Navigate your content and find your current Email Form
  2. Click the Add Content button
  3. Choose the ‘pure text template t4’ template
  4. Name the content block as ‘php’ and add the content EXACTLY as shown here to the body field:
  5. Click the ‘Add’ button to save this content:
  6. Move the new php content above your email form using the arrows
  7. So your content should look similar to the following:
  8. Publish your content in the normal way.