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Automatically Emailing Subscribers with Blog Updates

I have been asked about the options for having blog updates automatically emailed to subscribers. Since we prefer to keep QUB Blog user accounts linked to our staff/student accounts here at QUB it would be better to avoid creating new users for this purpose.

Instead I would recommend using the JetPack plugin from the WordPress creators. The plugin can be activated in the ‘Plugins’ section of your blog dashboard. After the plugin has been activated click on the ‘Settings’ link.


On the main JetPack page you should notice a ‘Subscriptions’ block. Click the ‘Configure’ button.Selection_186

Tick the options you would like to have enabled for each post on your blog and ‘Save’ your changes:Selection_187

Now when you visit a post on your blog you should notice that the Comments form includes options for following your blog.


After submitting a comment (or subscribing via a widget) an email confirmation is sent to the subscriber to confirm the action:Selection_190

Now when new comments / articles are published the subscriber receives an email notification liek the one below:


To add a Subscription Form visit the Appearance > Widgets menu in your Dashboard and add ‘Blog Subscriptions (JetPack)’ to your sidebar:



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