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Adding a poll to your blog takes just a few minutes. To do so you should:

  • Enable the poll WP-Polls plugin by visiting the Plugins section of your Dashboard. Click the ‘Activate’ link.
  • You will notice a new Polls menu on your Dashboard menu. Click ‘Add Poll’
  • Type your poll question and answers. (Optional: You can customise the plugin further by clicking ‘Poll Options’)
  • Click Appearance > Widgets in your Dashboard menu
  • Drag the ‘Polls’ widget from the ‘Available Widgets’ section to ‘Sidebar 1′ (Optional: You can customise the title and poll to display on this page)
  • Check your website and vote!

Note: If you visit the ‘Widgets’ screen and receive an error message it is probable that your current theme does not make use of widgets. Contact us to see if we can make your theme widget-enabled.

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