Welcome to the School of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science green impact blog page.  It aims to offer tips and advice on how staff can contribute to reducing the School’s carbon impact. For further information on carbon management please visit the University’s environmental website at http://www.qub.ac.uk/carbon.

QUB Recycling Week – clothes donation

We are over halfway through recycling week, so please get involved and think about reducing, reusing and recycling the everyday items we  use at work and at home.

There is a charity clothes collection for the British Heart Foundation across the University during Recycling week, including collection points at ECIT, and the Ashby foyer.

For more information on QUB recycling week check out further details here and follow @greenatqueens on Twitter.


QUB Recycling Week 19-23 November

Queen’s Recycling Week will take place from Monday 19 to Friday 23 November. A full programme of events aimed at increasing awareness of reducing waste and increasing recycling is available here.

Key events taking place throughout the week include:

The British Heart Foundation Clothes Collection
A charity clothes collection will be taking place across the University during Recycling Week. Donated clothes will be given to the British Heart Foundation to support their ground-breaking work. Clothes Donation Stations will be located across the University. Please see here for a list of locations.

LUNCHTIME WALK – Wildflower Alley

Around campus there are lots of natural spaces.  In 2015 local residents launched Wildflower Alley, which is a community project that has won awards.

From 1-2pm on Thursday 23 August there will be an informal stroll through the local Wildflower Alley at QUB with the founder of the Wildflower Alley project.  If you wish to attend, please see further details here

Cycle to Work day – 15 Aug 2018


Wednesday 15 August 2018 is Cycle to Work day in Northern Ireland – for more information see: https://www.cycletoworkday.org/

In EEECS and ECIT we encourage cyclists, both regular commuters and occasional cyclists.  In ECIT, two folding bicycles are available for hire, if you are interested to give cycling a go.  For further information on cycling and our facilities for cyclists, please see our newsletters, particularly newsletter 13.  We welcome any suggestions to improve facilities, please contact any member of the AWARE team.

Saving Water during the Summer

water saving pic

Due to the unusual sustained sunshine we have been enjoying in Northern Ireland, a hosepipe ban is now in force, to minimise the use of water.  For more tips and information, see the NI Water website.  Here are some simple ways to save water:

  • Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth 
  • Avoid watering lawns 
  • Take shorter showers
  • Take a shower instead of a bath
  • Fix leaking taps – report faulty taps in EEECS to your building liaison officer
  • Only fill the kettle with the amount of water you need
  • Keep a bottle of water in the fridge instead of running the tap for cold water
  • Use full loads in washing machines and dishwashers, rather than half loads

Lunchtime Talk – the Swift



Peter Cush (Northern Ireland Swift Group) will tell us about the most aerial of birds the Swift (Apus apus) which visits us here in Belfast every summer.

Why it is here and where does it come from? How is it coping with an ever changing world? What is so special about it and should we try to conserve it? Can QUB and its staff do anything about its recent declines? What is its fate likely to be in the future?  Come along and find out what you can do to stop the decline of Northern Ireland’s swift population!

Time: 1-2pm

Date: Tuesday 19 June 2018

Location: Old Staff Common Room

Tea and coffee will be provided – you are encouraged to bring your own mug.

Spaces are limited for this event, so please register for free via Eventbrite HERE