Dementia facilities under the spotlight on International Day of Older Persons

Latest developments in designing housing and support facilities for people with dementia were discussed this week.

A conference on Best Practice in Design for People with Dementia will take place at Queen’s to mark International Day of Older Persons on Wednesday 1 October. The conference is organised by the Dementia
Services Development Centre (Northern Ireland) together with the Changing Ageing Partnership (CAP), and takes place during Age Awareness Week.
The conference will be opened by Queen’s graduate and award-winning architect Dawson Stelfox – also known as the first Irishman to conquer Mount Everest.

“CAP funded researchers at Queen’s have investigated the standard of accommodation currently available to older people across Northern Ireland, and are researching the potential for new technology, such as mobile phones and touch-screen computers, to help prompt memory and support people with dementia. Together with Dementia Services Development Centre NI’s Design Audit Tool, this research should help inform those who design and build facilities for people with dementia.”
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