Significant Albums

61NmirVWuJLMusic for 18 Musicians Rambler

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MI0001817882Aphex_TwinSymphony Turangalila

One thought on “Significant Albums

  1. I am really pleased by this blog. You have done so much work on this and created a really interesting blog that is very engaging and well-written. I like the extra links you have provided, and the info they include really expands your content. It’s a really good example of blogging. There is loads of evidence of wider reading and listening. Basically you have done everything that I have hoped for and I think that this blog could easily prove informative for others who are browsing for info about these records.

    There are a couple of small criticisms that I would make. If you look at this sentence it seems to imply for much of it that Rambler was made with a historian! “Bill Frisell’s Rambler is undoubtably his finest work with Jazz Historian Scott Yanow describing the colourful exploration of music as, “a fine showcase for the utterly unique guitarist”.

    The need to be extra careful with details like this also includes small details such as punctuation. You write, for instance, ‘it’s’ instead of ‘its.’ These are very small details, but you should be as perfectionist as possible in preparing your submissions.

    Otherwise, there is some really good work here. Well done.


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