Aphex Twin – Syro

As I listen to Syro, one thing comes to mind “I don’t like this”. The album is a mix of techno, glitch, jungle, ambient and parts sound like deconstructed drum and bass. When I listen to this, however, all I hear are noises being played over a drum loop, I appreciate that there is a lot going on in each of the tracks and that it takes time to create something listenable but the sounds and tracks on this album seem to be very niche and would only appeal to someone who is interested in this genre of music. I found myself skipping through the album on my second listen to see if there was anything about it that I enjoyed other than the closing track “aisatsana[102]“. Often I would find small sections of tracks that I liked only then to have the section ruined by the inclusion of a synth that sounded out of tune. While listening to the album I did research on what others had thought of this album and to my surprise many were giving this a glowing report which I found strange as many say the album as a whole is “a banging reminder of why the Cornish raver is one of music’s true innovators” or “¬†utterly engrossing and remains, somewhat unbelievably, on a completely different planet” and yet having looked through Spotify the one thing that grabs my attention is that the last song on the album is the one that is played the most and not by a short amount either it has been replayed 22 million times, the next track that comes close to that is 4 million. The rest of the album isn’t much better ranging from 750,000 to 1.5 million. Surely an album of this critical acclaim shouldn’t have such a sporadic listener base? ¬†While an albums success should not be derived by simple statistics, they are there for a reason and the general public seem to prefer the closing song to the rest of the album. Aisatsana is a beautifully jarring piece, the light piano notes along with the bird songs in the back create a contrasting piece that sounds both serene and disconnected. I wouldn’t recommend this album but I would recommend that you listen to the last song.

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